Something juicy, the “Boards”

To demonstrate that something real could be derived from reading the novel, I will explain how to extrapolate the possible boards configuration. There is it a lot of assumption here even if we have same basic rough information. From the novel : there are 3 main big boards and several others smaller. Each of the... Continue Reading →

Starting considerations

Looking around on the net I’ve found very few attempts to create the rules for this game. The first and most obvious objection is “Is too complex as per Iain M.Banks describe it in the novel and there are not enough detailed indication about the rules. Is just a fictional game! Moreover is so complex... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Where to start ? Well, if you are landed here, then probably You already know what this stuff is all about. Anyway let me explain a little bit what I'm going to do. Like many others fan of Iain M. Banks culture novel, I've been fascinated by "The Player of Games". Here is depicted a... Continue Reading →

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