Iain M.Banks

This blog is dedicated to the memory of Iain M.Banks and devoted to his mastery writing.
One of his “Culture” novel “The Player of Games” describe a game.

The game is so complex, so subtle, so flexible and so demanding that it is as precise and comprehensive a model of life as it is possible to construct. Whoever succeeds at the game succeeds in life.

The game is “The Game of Azad”.

This is an attempt to derive the rules of the “Game of Azad”.
Of course due to the fictional environment of the book the rules have to be deducted and thus with the use of the few descriptions available and a lot of logical supposition and imagination.

In this sense this attempt to create a real game can be only “inspired” by the original novel.

So enjoy the blog, add Your comments and thoughts and wait patiently the posts update, because due to the heavy work commitments they can not be very frequent.

But one day, when the rules will be clarified enough, a document with a lot of index, drawings, tables, place holder building drawings, chessboards layout, cards and dice design will be available to download for everyone ready to be printed .

Thank You for your interest and support.

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