1, 10, 100 AZAD

Do You believe AZAD is played only during the six-year “Great Cycle”? That exist only one “Rulebook”? That the rules are always the same ?


Probably the most famous aspect of the Azad game is the use of the bioengineered pieces called "Biotechs". But what does we know about Biotechs, about their characteristics, actions in game and grow capabilities ? Let's see what we are able to uncover on these incredible game pieces.


Which elements are embedded in the Azad game ?
To define the elements of the game we need to know more about the history of the game development and the Empire itself.

Magic Numbers

We all are used to some special numbers, so that we doesn't  recognize them when we meet some of them. Just to highlight Yours understand, think to these numbers, two, seven, twentyfour. Just for example, two is quite common in our life, two are the sexes, the good and evil, the black and white, yes... Continue Reading →

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