Despite the fact that the content is a fan made realization for the fan community, with no economical request or economical compensation, for the sole purpose to providing free of charge the result of a personal development effort, without any support from the Iain.M.Banks publishing house and copyright owner, at the cost of investing my personal time and money, despite all of this, “I have not been granted permission to proceed with the development of the game”.
It is a pity that the desire of Iain M.Banks is not respected.
I refer to the post published on “” where Iain states that he has no objection to issuing the license for the development of games based on the Culture and that he is just happy if some game design development is based on this.
Hoping that in the future the publisher and copyright owner may change his mind, (a generic communication granting the fandom community the ability to create original opera based on the Culture if no economical compensation is realised and with clear reference to the copyright owner), anyway I will continue the development of the game for my personal pleasure. So I will continue to show the advancement of the job in this blog but I will never deliver to public audience the final result i.e. the rules and the “how to” self build the necessary material.
I will keep you informed in case of further news.

Thanks to all of you for the interest and support shown to date.

Pls. feel free to contact me for any further information.

Steve Cappelletti