Imagine that You are going to discuss some ideas related to a specific rule derived from the book. The source are the paragraph of the novel, but how to locate the releavant sentences in the book ?

There are several problems that needs to be solved related to this.

First of all, to not incur in a copyright infringement it’s not wise to publish in the post the exact phrase, especially if we need to refer to a moltitude of phrases.

Second, also to exactly indicate the position of the phrase (and I mean page and line number) is difficult due to the moltitude of printed and ebook editions of the novel with different fonts and layout. I could refer to a specific edition from a specific editor, but obviously this is to claim that everyone has the same exact edition of the book.

Third, considering also that the translation in different languages lead to differencies in the length of the written paragraph then and the confusion is complete.

My priorities has been since the beginning to be able to identify every useful sentences from the novel and to classify them in relationship to some reference topics, as the chessboard, cards and dice, pieces and Biotechs, game rules, Azadian culture, and everything else.

After some thinking I’ve solved the question in this way :

  • Purchase of an original ebook edition of the novel in english language (use always the original language of the novel, often the translations are realized very bad modifyng the meaning of the sentences)
  • Transformation of the ebook in a txt format (is not allowed but is only for my personal use)
  • Import in a Word document
  • Definition of a particular page layout
  • Deleting the initial part of the novel where there are no reference to Azad (just to make the booklet more handy)
  • Adding the line and page numbering to the whole

In this way I’ve been able to create a reference version of the book with a practical page and line number indexes for every phrase.

So I’ve cut and paste all the sentences in several separated documents according to the above classification, putting in front of each one the relative page/line index.

Each single document is a list of phrases related to the same argument, and this is helpful to better clarify all the concepts.

As an example, the Chessboard related paragraphs are located at Page.Line :
and so on …

From now on I have the possibility to add the page/line reference to the phrases related to every discussion that will be exposed.

In this way whoever is interested in understand more deeply what I’m talking about will be able to verify by himself the sentences indicated.

Ok what’s left ?

Oh yeah, the exact parameters for the page layout I’ve used to create the reference book.

Page dimension : Executive (7,25″x 10,5″)
Orientation : Vertical
Page margins : Upper 2,2 cm – Lower 2,0 cm – Left 2,2 cm – Right 2,0 cm
Paragraph Leading : Exact – 21 pt
Line numbering : On – Distance from Text – 1 cm
Page border : Left side – Measure from Text – 15 pt
Text Font : Calibri
Size : 11

Now we have a common and solid base for all the discussions.