Points, points, points !

What if I tell You that the points available on a single game are 30.000 ?
How I have deducted this number ?
Come with me in this travel through the logical deductive thinking!

What we know ?

We know for example that Gurgeh ant the end of the fifth match has 5.522 points (he is a “Qualifier”) while the winner has 5.523 points. The fifth match is a ten player match so the other eight player should own some points also.
The other players don’t understand well the Board of Becoming so they don’t play well on it.

What does this mean ?
Simply, that the difference in points with the other players is big.
Here we have two player that togheter possess more than 11.000 points, so the remaining 8 players how many points should have ?

I’ve just distributed proportionally the points between all the players considering a reasonable points difference between the winner and the others, and after some attempt playing with the proportion I’ve obtained this table :

Simply round up the total to obtain a more manageable 30.000.

That’s how to obtain the 30.000 points available in a game and I mean on a single board.
But how these points are distributed amongst pieces, cards and territories ?
Or, which is the points value of a Biotechs, of a territory box, of a card ?
First we need to define how many of these elements are present in the game and then will be possible to distribute 30.000 points between all the elements.

Which proportion ?

It’s more important the territory or the pieces ?
And the cards that let You do the actions ?
As You can see there is a lot of thinking involved in each step of the development.
We must always bear in mind that we are talking about the Empire of Azad with a military aristocrat approach, where the honor is more important than appearing, but appearing is more important than the personal power, but the personal power is more important than possessing, but possessing is more important that the honor.
Remember, the empire is vicious but sexy.

So I decided this :

According to these numbers, cards are the main motor of the game, permitting to modify the territory and make various actions against the adversaries.
Why the cards ?
Do You remember the devastating effects of the cards at the end of the novel isn’it ?
But to win You must collect every points available and not concentrate only on one aspect of the game.

Still with me ?
Want to know more ?

If yes than the next step has been to distribute the points between the various pieces, the Biotechs and the Lesser Pieces.

Again, how many of each one there are in the game ?

I have used a simulated chessboard to evaluate the space available and verify the right number of pieces that should be in the game.

In my previous posts and on my facebook page I have started to do some analysis and at the moment the best guess is that there are 45 Biotechs, 150 Lesser Pieces, 270 cards and 1296 boxes in each major board.

Consider that these numbers are still “Work in Progress” because as the game progresses new details are revealed and to maintain consistency throughout the game the numbers must be adjusted accordingly.

OK, the Biotechs are the most powerful pieces so I decided that their value must be 5 time more than the Lesser Pieces. This mean assign 4.500 points to the 45 Biotechs and 3.000 to the 150 others (7.500 total points).

Of course the points value of each single piece is not the same because each piece is different with different characteristics, but globally all togheter the value is 7.500 points.

The same approach has to be used for cards and territories, but until I’ve developed the details of each single components I can’t define the exact value of each element.

Anyway as You can see “Watch Out”, because …

2 thoughts on “Points, points, points !

  1. Are you sure cards are traded? I thought they were expended during the game. You know the book better than I do, though.

    If cards are expended, many or most are removed from the game during play, so under your reasonable assumption that the total number of points allocated between players is fixed, cards cannot directly go into the points tally at all. Points would derive purely from territory and/or pieces, and the value of cards would be indirect, in helping obtain territory and/or pieces.


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