Magic Numbers

Black and white numbers background
Black and white numbers background. 3d rendered illustration

We all are used to some special numbers, so that we doesn’t  recognize them when we meet some of them. Just to highlight Yours understand, think to these numbers, two, seven, twentyfour.

Just for example, two is quite common in our life, two are the sexes, the good and evil, the black and white, yes or no, mother and father. Seven are the days in a week, the colors of a rainbow, the deadly sins, the lives of the cat. Twentyfour are the hours in a day, the carat of the gold, and so on.

What does this mean in the contest of Azad ?

The game obviously must have a defined numbers of pieces, cards, dice, and chessboard boxes.
How to define these numbers ?
Considering what could be the “magic numbers” of the Azadian people!

We know that they have three sexes, so this is one of the main numbers, the lenght of the day is like the our, so twentyfour is another, and they use seven elemental symbols…
So these are the Azadian magic numbers.

Now we can start with some calculation.
For example how many seeds for the cards ?
Considering that the game is complex and our basic cards set is composed of four seed (think to the poker game) multiply three by three and we obtain nine seeds.

The dice should be three like the sexes but there are seven elemental symbols on them. How to place seven symbols on a six face dice ?
Easy, split one symbol in three parts and put it aside on the face of another symbol. When the three central symbols are rolled then you obtain also the complete splitted symbol. I am talking about the “ghost” symbols.

How many cards ?
Nine seeds composed each one of twentyfour cards is 216 cards.

How many pieces ?
Here I’ve have used a different approach, I drawed a chessboard ( and then started to place pieces in the starting position for ten players>
Considering that there should be enough space to maneuver all the pieces and that we must be able to manage all the pieces, each with is own peculiarities.

So in the end I’ve found that thirty is the right number, with nine Biotechs and twentyone lesser pieces.
You see, thirty. Again appear three as the magic number.

Of course I have decided arbitrary to combine togheter these numbers, but the result seems to be quite believable, isn’t it ?

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  1. There are seven sided dice available in specialized shops that you can google. They have two pentagon sides opposite each other and five squares between them. Cleverly, the five numbers for the squares are written on the edges, not on the faces of the squares, so they come up on top when the dice rests on one of the square sides.


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