How To, Cards and other stuff.

Cards & Dice

In order to better comprehend the game rules is necessary in first place be sure that all the possible “hints” and “crumbs” of informations have been caught from the novel.
The only possible way is to read and reread a sufficent number of times through all the text taking notes of what it suggest. To simplify the task I’ve prepared a special printed copy of the novel where each page have the book text on the left and a series of lines on the right where is possible to take notes.
In this way the notes are related to a specific line of the book having a direct reference due to it’s position.
Then I retype back the notes on my PC in a doc file and organize them according to the subject of the notes (dice, cards, boardgame, biothecs, etc…).
Every new reading of the novel add new info to the game mechanics and clarify the “links” between different rules and subjects.
These links are important because the game theory must consider every possible info related to the same subject and obviously these infos are scattered through the whole book.
Actually I estimate to have been able to collect about the 70% of all the hidden info from the novel and when I will have reached the 100% then will be possible to start to define the “general” mechanics of the game.
Obviously this is my estimation according to what I’m able to deduct from the reading.
My only concerns are related to the graphical aspect of the game.
I mean just to inted as an example to the images printed on the cards, the aspect of the cards itself, the aspect of the dice, the changing shape of the biotechs and so on.
Just think to this, how many cards should be available in a deck ?
Again it is necessary to evaluate according to the info that we posses.
Actually I think that there are 180 cards available in the deck because 180 is the number of days that the fire need to make a complete turn around Echronedal.
Think to the meaning of the game for the Azadian people. It’s filled with simbolism due to it’s inner philosphy and great society impact.  One fire revolution could represent one year of personal evolution (remember Azad represent the life).
For the development of the game this mean 180 different images to conceive as picture for the cards.

Ok you can object that any alternative number is possible, but we must develop a game that is manageable.

Do You have enough imagination to create 180 different pictures?

Again we do not start from nothing, as an example we know that cards have a value in points, and amongs their features there is seed, color, level, effect, range just to name a few.
Moreover, but this is not surprising, there are different boards and so different decks.

So at least “4” decks are the minimum requirements, and is calculated as 3 decks for the 3 main chessboard, and another deck for the secondary boards.
The secondary boards is where everything start, where You earn the points to collects the cards to create the deck to be used on main chessboards.

If we want to be mad we can consider a gross number of “2160” that is 180 multiplied for 12, the necessary number of revolution to achieve the incandescence.
These mean “4” decks for each chessboard (main and secondary togheter).

Ok we can reduce the number considering that there will be some cards in common in every deck, but is still to be defined which ones and how many.

Anyway the game has been developed through several millenia so the “style” of the picture on the cards is not constant, but should vary from a very basical and simple drawing to a real photo.

What is represented on the cards ?

Everything related to the life like air, fire, water, animal, vegetals, minerals, the seasons, war, peace, love, friends, etc… Add whatever You like.
Each element is part of our own life so it could be included in the game.

Start to seem complex isn’t it ?